Tucker analyzes Biden’s ‘slow and painful’ press conference

Joe Biden is an embarrassment to this country. Yet, the liberal media continues to treat him as if he was God. 

When was the last time, prior to yesterday, that you witnessed a U.S. President reading responses directly from a prepared statement in a press conference? The correct answer: NEVER. Yet Joe Biden gets away with it.

Transparency? Sure, Joe Biden will allow the press to visit locations where children are being housed at the border after these buildings are “ready for viewing” but not for the past month and certainly not yet. When will reporters be given access? “I don’t know” he responded. That’s transparency? Liberals have no problem with this. But we all remember how Trump was treated by this same media regarding children at the border, don’t we?

Speaking of the media, why didn’t Joe Biden call on the Fox White House correspondent, Peter Doocy? Donald Trump called on Jim Acosta during every single press conference and/or briefing. Certainly we all remember those exchanges. Yet Trump called on him nonetheless and listened to the set-up questions, innuendos and flat out lies that came from Jim Acosta’s mouth. Biden is afraid of tough questions, so he won’t call on Fox to question him. Some leader…

Once again, Joe Biden is an embarrassment to this country.  

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