Sen. Graham: If Democrats continue to blame Trump they will be in trouble.

What’s the old saying? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well, it wasn’t broke, but dumb-*ss Biden, either following the direction of his socialist masters or that of his feeble little brain, had to undo what Trump did, which worked. The result is that we now have a border crisis on our hands!

What is amazing to me is that Joe Biden hasn’t even gone to the border to take a look at the mess he created! Talk about being disconnected! Instead he sends the laughing buffoon, Kamala Harris, to try to clean up his mess. Of course, this is just a political move. With over two months to clean things up before allowing reporters in, Kamala will look as if she made the difference, winning political points in the process which will help her bid for the presidency down the road.

Bottom line: Biden is a moron. 

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