Graham to media: “Walk over there and ask the guy what the hell happened”

These low-life, liberal reporters continue wanting to blame Trump for the current border crisis when it was Trump who drastically improved illegal immigration through the building of the wall and by forcing Mexico to do it’s job and enforce both it’s southern border and their side of the border with the United States. 

Now the Biden administration wants to give Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras 800 billion dollars to “improve” their respective countries so that people won’t want to leave! Really? How stupid can these people be? Politicians in these corrupt countries will simply distribute the money amongst themselves and the people will get NOTHING! How do liberals think these countries got to where they are today, by having moral leadership and a democratic system of government? NO!

These people want to give Biden a free pass for the f*cking chaos he has created, and the *sshole hasn’t even gone to the border to see things for himself. AMAZING!

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