Dr. “Frauci” Tells Spring Breakers To Use Protection (…comedian K-von agrees)

Could this narcissist, Dr. “Frauci”, be a bigger idiot than he’s already proven? I mean really! Why does he even waste his breath making such a ridiculous statement?  At some point even the brain-dead progressives will realize their liberals buddies are just a bunch of pandering fools!

Dr. Fauci, you’d have better luck making the earth stop rotating around the sun, you freakin’ moron!!!

These left-tards don’t seem to get that we’re over it! No more fear-mongering, no more six-feet distancing bullsh*t, no more masks, we’re done with the manipulation and control!!!

Why not lecture Joe Biden on his border policies so he can avoid having 15,000-plus kids from other countries, many of which have COVID, from entering our country?

Video: YouTube

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