Biden caught in another ‘bizarre’ moment

Joe Biden isn’t fit to be the president of a major corporation, or even the president of a small business, or even the president of a condominium association; yet, he’s the President of the United States!

Joe Biden became president for many reasons:

  • Trump has a very strong personality which many people are intimidated by
  • He is very (too) straightforward
  • He comes across as being rude and crude
  • He tweeted way too much (for me one tweet was one too many)
  • He had the entire liberal propaganda machine working against him
  • COVID did him in, even to the point where pharmaceutical companies held back release of the virus until after the elections (they did this of course because he forced them to lower their prices)

Having stated all of this, he was a thousand times the president that Joe Biden is, in every respect; personality, charisma, wit, acuity, drive, energy, business savvy and more importantly… his policies! 

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