Hunter Biden, The Hot New Artist! Hahahahaha!!!!!

These people, the Biden’s (and democrats in general) get away with murder for three reasons:

  1. They have no class.
  2. They have no morals.
  3. Republicans have no balls.

The last reason is the most relevant. Republicans talk tough but when it comes to taking action (against democrats) they do NOTHING! 

Want proof. Just think of the Russia hoax/Mueller investigation against Trump which was a BIG nothing-burger. What followed was BIG talk from Bill Barr about assigning John Durham with the task of conducting an extensive investigation against the democrat party. The report was supposed to come out in the spring of 2020, then the summer, then the fall (just prior to the elections). When did the report come out? NEVER! Trump lost the election and there was no report. BIG talk, no action. 

My point is that unless republicans are willing to stoop to the level of the shameless democrats such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell, members of the Squad, and the rest of the immoral goons on the Left, and fight them at their own level, they should just keep their mouths shut and continue to drop their pants, bend over and get it good and hard!

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