Chris Wallace: Biden’s ‘honeymoon’ with Americans is definitely over

Yes, Biden’s honeymoon is certainly over. But then again, didn’t we know this was coming?

From the moment Biden took office and began undoing everything Donald Trump had put in place one could get a sense that this guy was in trouble. As the saying goes, “even a stopped clock is right twice a day”. Like him or hate him, Trump did a great deal of good in his four years in office. Despite the un-relentless attacks from the mainstream (Fake News) media and even from within Washington, he accomplished a great deal. In other words, not all of his policies were worth reversing. In fact, over 75 million Americans felt this way. Yet all Biden did was undo Trump’s policies in order to appease his handlers and the far left, which is one in the same…

If Biden can somehow survive the next 3 1/2 years this country will be an unrecognizable mess by the time he leaves office in January 2025. There is no doubt about. 

The liberal news media hacks like Don Lemon and Chris Hayes (along with their fanatical left-wing, socialist-communist guests such as Michael Moore) can lie about what a great leader Joe Biden is, but people aren’t buying it. They know incompetence when they see it, and they see it plain as day with Joe Biden and the rest of the clowns in his administration.

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