Did Biden Check His Watch? – Fact Check Says “Missing Context” (whuuuuuuut??)

Joe Biden is a conman, a liar and a loser. He totally f*cked up the withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving behind American citizens, U.S. allies, close to $90 billion in American military equipment and over 120 U.S. service dogs, locked in cages, left to die. Add to that the death of 13 Americans and several others critically wounded. 

But wait, it gets better. Prior to the train wreck described above, he told the then president of Afghanistan to basically paint a different picture when told that the Taliban were advancing toward Kabul and taking over territory along the way.

Bottom line: Joe Biden is a scum-bag! Meanwhile, the despicable liberal media hacks continue to cover for him with lies and/or by avoiding relevant (factual) stories, such as the conversation Biden had with the Afghani president. 

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