Ted Cruz accuses the State Dept of ‘trafficking child predators’

The more I listen to Antony Blinken speak and the more information is made available regarding this DISASTROUS withdrawal from Afghanistan the more I tend to believe that this entire disaster was deliberate.

I know this sounds farfetched, but how STUPID and IGNORANT must Joe Biden and/or whoever was calling the shots on this be to first abandon the Balgram airfield, then withdraw the military (in that order)? Then and only then beginning to withdraw American citizens and Afghan allies, leaving thousands stranded, while also leaving behind billions of dollars of military equipment! 

I’m sorry, but it is hard to believe that the entire United States apparatus is THAT stupid and/or that they would allow Joe Biden to make that call if he is the one who made the ultimate decision.  

Not mentioned in this video is the fact that the Biden administration is paying the “Afghan government” (Taliban) over $1 billion in total aid! Are these people for real? 

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