‘Are You Happy?’: Hawley Squeezes Mayorkas Over Unceasing Surge Of Migrants Crossing Border

What comes out of the mouth of Alejandro Mayorkas every time he speaks is one BIG fart. In fact, that’s what comes out of the mouth of all of these TURDS in the Biden administration. They are making a mockery of the United States, our laws and every citizen in this country.

We know these liberal dick-heads have no shame, because they have no morals. My question is: when is enough, enough? When are republicans, but more importantly American citizens, going to go out into the streets the way the Black Lives Matter criminals did, and DEMAND change. Not through violence and looting, but through dialogue, and force these low-lives in power to bring things back to normal in this country!

How many more migrants are we going to take in? We’re currently on pace for well over 2 million illegal immigrants, not counting those who are not captured!

Is the Afghanistan debacle not enough to show the world that these people; Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Ron Klain, Susan Rice, Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan… the whole lot of them are incompetent beyond description??? Are we going to continue to listen to these cretins lie to us to our faces day, after day, after day?


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