Kamala Harris is TRIGGERED By the U.S.-Mexico Border!

This video is about three months old. I purposely never posted it as I had a suspicion that the border crisis would worsen instead of improve. And well, I was right.

So here we are, approximately three months later, and the border crisis is much, much worse than it was back in June when this video was filmed. 

I must say, these democrats are a joke. They kept talking about getting at the root cause of the problem as to why people are leaving Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and of course, Mexico. Gee, I wonder what that “root cause” could be… but more importantly, how was the Biden administration “planning” to fix it? They weren’t! It was all BS! Those countries have been a mess for centuries and they will continue to be a mess, and there is nothing the United States can do about it, nor should we even try.

Anyway, the incompetent Kamala Harris and Joe (the buffoon) Biden make doo-doo out of everything they touch, and the southern border is certainly no exception.

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