Tucker: Biden did this on purpose

Watching Joy Reid and Chris Cuomo accuse border patrol on horses of whipping Haitian illegal migrants is proof once more that these liberal media hacks have no morals and no shame. Remember when Donald Trump called out CNN, MSNBC and others FAKE NEWS outlets? People naturally criticized Trump for that. Well guess what, he was absolutely right. By the way, these people are not just liars and hypocrites, they’re the worst kind of human beings.

As for Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Alejandro Mayorkas, they take lying to another level. Ilhan Omar isn’t even worth discussing; how often do we talk about insects?

These people are out to destroy this country, and they’re quite successful at doing so. The reason they are successful is in part due to the ignorant electorate who voted for inept and incompetent Joe Biden and in part because conservatives are for the most part decent people. The same cannot be said of liberals.

Following the death (murder) of George Floyd liberals took to the streets in protests which lasted an entire summer. They bought into the Black Lives Matter con-job and destroyed urban areas across the country; burning, looting, and even killing innocent people in what the liberal media called “mostly peaceful protests”. Yet now, as our country and way of life is being systematically destroyed by liberal politicians and the media vermin who assist them, those of us who want to restore order sit idly by. No protests, and nothing but empty words from our leaders in Washington. We talk and talk and talk, yet do NOTHING.

This country is being destroyed from within and we’re doing NOTHING about it…

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