Ingraham: Democrats finally get what they always wanted

Ah yes, we all know the script. The incompetent, inept buffoon we know as Joe Biden continues his systematic destruction of America with his open border policy. And of course, since this time around it was Haitians who stormed the border by the thousands, democrats call upon the black hypocritical socialists to talk about racism. 

So the lying and hypocrisy begins… Ayanna Presley (one of the four Squad members) goes to the border with two of the most despicable blacks in America; Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters. Their job is to stir up the masses by talking about racism. This is what the democrats do well; call us racists. With them it’s all about racism, and naturally, about Black Lives Matter. 

“White cowboys on horses whipping blacks” is what they called it. Of course, we all know that no one was whipped. We know it, these three vermin know it, the hacks in the liberal media know it, Joe Biden knows it, Jennifer Psaki knows it, the whole world knows it. But hey, why not seize an opportunity to detract from the train wreck that the Biden administration has created at the border (not to mention Afghanistan) by calling Americans racists.

As I recently told a friend of mine; one has to be either immoral, stupid, or just plain crazy to be a democrat these days. I cannot imagine an intelligent, sane, and moral person supporting the scum bags who are running this country. The 44 percent or whatever the number is who still support Joe Biden (and by extension the rest of the liberal politicians) must be either immoral, stupid, or crazy. 

And in conclusion, the reason the aforementioned blacks and the rest of the liberals in this country who “care so much” about blacks are hypocrites is because they only care about blacks when it fits their RACIST narrative. This is why George Floyd was such a hit with them and the dozens of blacks who are killed in cities across our country every weekend don’t matter to them. 

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