Religious Dogma

On the dogmas of religion, as distinguished from moral principles, all mankind, from the beginning of the world to this day, have been quarreling, fighting, burning and torturing one another, for abstractions unintelligible to themselves and to all others, and absolutely beyond the comprehension of their feeble human minds.

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  1. think4yerslf says:

    There are many reasons wars have been, and will continue to be, fought and religion and religious dogma are only one, and far from the primary cause, then and now. Disagreements over and conflicts over resources such as prime farmland, port access, freshwater resources is a very primary cause of war, and will remain a source of conflict in the future. Meanwhile non-religious, but no less dogmatic, political/economic theories and belief such as Marxism and Communism have brought more death and destruction of human life to our planet in the 20th century than all the “religious” wars in history combined. It it a convenient myth propagated by secular humanists that religion is a primary cause of war. To the atheists I would ask, what’s so bad about war to begin with? Humans being just another animal with a larger brain than most, war could be viewed as just homo sapiens way to mitigate overpopulation – so what’s the big fuss? On what possible moral basis could an atheist judge as “good” or “bad” any war or killing? From the viewpoint of a secular humanist there is zero moral difference between the deaths on 9/11 and planting a cherry bomb in an fire ant mound. Life was killed in both instances, what makes one a tragedy and evil demanding justice and the other a “meh” moment? When life is pure random accident, without ultimate purpose and completely meaningless, what true difference does it make whether children are starving in Africa or not? Why should anyone care? (I mean YOU might care, but so what, surely your own opinion on the matter of starving children is meaningless to anyone else.) Does religious belief have it’s own moral/rationality issues? Of course. But it’s folly and/or sheer ignorance to pretend that the lack of faith or religion is without it’s own hypocrisy’s and moral, rationality dilemmas. My problem with atheists is that many don’t live up to what their presumed beliefs demand (which I assume is similar to the problem that many atheists have with religious believers also) – so pot meet kettle.

    • TGO says:

      You are totally incorrect in your statement that “…non-religious, but no less dogmatic, political/economic theories and belief such as Marxism and Communism have brought more death and destruction of human life to our planet in the 20th century than all the “religious” wars in history combined.” It is an indisputable fact that a belief in God/gods has far and away caused more death and destruction than all other causes.

      Your lack of logic is beyond belief. To say war isn’t bad, and state that on what moral basis can atheists determine right from wrong is total ignorance on your part. On what moral basis do you determine what is right and wrong; the Bible, the Koran? I should hope not! Or maybe you’re one of those hypocrites you mentioned, who follows only the ‘good parts’ of your “holy book” of choice and ignores the rest of the filth and garbage they contain.

  2. The desire to live freely without boundaries of do’s and don’ts is what make humans shy away from religion; in religion you can’t drink alcohol without religion you go drunk to the end of it, in religion you can’t have sex with a woman unless she is your wife, without religion you make love to any woman you can come across, in religion there are certain path to follow, but without religion you design your own path no matter what. Life is beautiful without religion – this is how you think – and thus why the hell should I bother.
    If you think the other way round, your sister or mother or wife is going to a party would you like to hear from her upon her return that she had sex with a man she met in that party and both of them were drunk? what about she become pregnant after a month and she can’t tell who is the father? what if the man who had sex with her has serious sexual disease and contaminated your woman? I you prefer boundaries to protect your loved ones, you should accept religion because it is the framework that provides that safety and security not only for you but also for the community at large.
    God created everything not only morality, ask yourself about morality when you were just a sperm in your dad’s reproductive system.

    • TGO says:

      I gather that you’re a Muslim. If there’s anyone who shouldn’t be preaching about morality, it’s a Muslim. Let me see now… Suicide bombings, marrying nine year-olds, having multiple wives, arranged marriages, forcing women to wear cloth bags, throwing battery acid on women’s faces/cutting off their clitoris, Sunnis mercilessly preying on Shiites simply because their the “wrong” brand of Islam, 911, the Boston bombers, stoning people to death, etc., etc., etc.

      Thank you, but I’ll stay away from Islam’s brand of morality; nothing could be more immoral.

  3. John Doelman says:

    The only true morality exists among the very young who haven’t been corrupted by older people… This kills me, this argument that GOD created morality. That is simple naive.

  4. If there is no supranatural realm, how does one ascertain the existence of moral principles? Concepts like right and wrong imply a standard that necessarily originates outside of our “feeble human minds”, though we are of course quite capable of apprehending them.

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