New Rule: Oscars, No White | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

A few years ago Bill Maher put out a comedy “concert” in which he coined the term, the “pussification of America”. Well, although he’s a super-liberal and I’m not, I agreed with him then and definitely agree with him now.

How did we get here? What the f*ck is going on in this world, and more specifically, in America? America as a whole, Trump excluded, has lost its balls! Of course, that statement alone is offensive to liberals. But personally, I don’t care, let them get offended. It’s time we speak the truth and stop pandering to this insane, hypocritical liberal movement which is going to lead us straight to one of two outcomes: total anarchy or communism.

Let’s go along with the hypocrisy, with political correctness you say. OK, let’s see how that works. I’m “sure” if people are found to need life-saving surgery, they will surely look at hiring a minority; a Native American surgeon, a Muslim surgeon, a Hispanic surgeon, an African American surgeon… Or how about an African American, half-Asian, transgender, Hindu surgeon? Do you believe this scenario is realistic? BULLSH*T! People will select the BEST surgeon available. So please, let’s stop with the hypocrisy already! 

I agree with Bill Maher on this issue. TGO

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Should We Give Up On Sports?

For once I completely disagree with this man. His videos have always been in line with my way of thinking. However, this time I feel that he is totally out of line in his assessment of what’s going on with sports in this country. 

The overwhelming majority of the 3000-plus comments in response to his video tells me how many Americans feel, and I couldn’t agree more with them. I have copied a few of those comments below, having erased the sources. TGO

Giving money to people who hate the United States is NOT going to happen for me.
Sorry but sports tickets don’t sell themselves.
This was pretty lame. Sports are not important. BLM telling us we’re all racists is the important part. It’s a toxic ideology.
Drew Brees found out that he doesn’t have a 1st amendment right … he was compelled to apologize at least twice for supporting the flag and his country… they will never get another dime from me ..
The kneeling is one thing. Putting criminals names, including the man accused of a drive by shooting against a Federal officer, on their helmets, takes away my ability to support football. I am in my 33rd year in law enforcement and will not support the attack on police in any way. I respect the players right to protest, but I don’t watch sports to see political statements. Let them show support off the field.
BLM is a Marxist led organization. Felons made out to be martyrs . “Peaceful “ protest? The silent majority is no longer silent
The older I get the less interested I get in 20 year old millionaires.

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Communist Mayor de Blasio Bankrupts NYC | Bill O’Reilly

Total incompetence, mixed in with a socialist mindset and what do you get, Bill de Blasio. This guy is a BIG buffoon. With his leftist ideology he has ruined what was once probably the greatest city in the world, and it didn’t take him long to do it. TGO

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Beautiful and sexy, as always. TGO

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“The Move”

Spent the entire weekend, from after lunch on Friday the 18th until 6:00 P.M. last night moving and getting settled in. Other than a few minor things, such as hanging a couple of art pieces, picture frames, etc. everything is pretty much done.

Now all I need is a new lower back and couple of feet! TGO 

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‘The Five’ react to AOC’s claims progressives can ‘push’ Biden further left

I find it funny how people still seek opinion from the Number 1 bimbo in Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The truth was said by Greg Gutfeld, and it’s quite simple: nobody really wants to vote for Biden, they just don’t want to vote for Trump. The fact is that Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to be President of the United States. He didn’t have it 20 or 30 years ago, and he definitely doesn’t have it now! TGO

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Ready for a medical exam? TGO

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How the Media Concocts the News Cycle | Bill O’Reilly

Yes, we all know that CNN, otherwise called by me the ‘Communist News Network’, twists, distorts and flat out lies about the “news”.

The reason I call them the Communist News Network is that they attempt to INDOCTRINATE their audience by twisting, distorting and lying about the news, in much the same way that communist countries indoctrinate their citizens with their Leftist/Socialist agenda. TGO

Video: YouTube

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