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Maxine Waters Cancels Events After ‘Very Serious Death Threat’

Alabama and Texas would not be good states for her to visit at the moment… I’d be interested in knowing who the people were who voted for this creature? Really folks, who did she run against, a reptile? By the … Continue reading

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Doyle Lee Hamm execution: Repeated jabbing of death row inmate in attempted lethal injection amounts to torture, says lawyer

Only in America! Only in America is a convicted murderer treated with such delicacy. I wonder if his victims and their families suffered any pain, physical and emotional, when this scum-bag took their lives? TGO Refer to story below. Source: … Continue reading

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Couple Charged With Child Abuse After 18-Month-Old Foster Toddler Is Found ‘Malnourished’

These rednecks don’t deserve to be out of prison. Instead, they deserve to be locked up with no food, receiving their daily dose of beatings. How anyone can deliberately hurt a child, much less a baby, is beyond comprehension. TGO … Continue reading

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U.S. storms kills 21, tornado roars through Mississippi city

It’s that time of the year again… For the next four to six months we’ll be hearing reports of tornadoes ripping through entire cities in the south and southwest. In the photo, the house is gone; but they still have … Continue reading

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The Most Religious US State Is …

Well, no surprise there… Common sense tells us that the most religious states are where the least educated people are, as well as the most rural. I actually am being nice, as I didn’t want to say where the most … Continue reading

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Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Interesting stuff… TGO Refer to story below. Source: LiveScience By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer Scuba divers have discovered a primeval underwater forest off the coast of Alabama. The Bald Cypress forest was buried under ocean sediments, protected in an oxygen-free … Continue reading

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Alabama Hostage Standoff Over: Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead, Child Safe

Finally, one less scum-bag in this world. Good work by the authorities in 1) keeping the child safe, and 2) killing the asshole. A great deal of taxpayer money and aggravation was spared in not having to defend this moron. TGO … Continue reading

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Doubts on Romney’s Conservatism Help Santorum in the South

The Catholic nerd, pictured below, is giving Mitt Romney, the Mormon, a run for his money, while the other Catholic, Newt Gingrich, continues to disappoint. Incredible how much religion plays into politics. And can someone explain to me why Ron … Continue reading

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