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Mark Levin: Joe Biden is the MASTER of the Cringe

Joe Biden really is a GAF factory. I don’t think he can get a single sentence out without stumbling, bumbling, slurring or just plain forgetting what he is trying to say.¬† I actually feel sorry for the man. He reminds … Continue reading

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Retired NFL Players Show ‘Pronounced’ Brain Abnormalities

It would be interesting to find out if similar studies have been made on boxers, who repeatedly receive blows to the head, with no protection. TGO Refer to story below. Source: LiveScience By Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer¬† There’s been much … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson Says Alzheimer’s Makes Divorce OK

Why would anyone expect anything different from this moron and religious freak? He’s always been insane; one has to be a lunatic to believe the things he believes. If he was a dick-head as a young man, which he was, … Continue reading

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Family helps Glen Campbell fight the darkness

This is a very sad (for the loved ones of those afflicted) and debilitating disease; I know because my mother died of it. At least there is some consolation in knowing that in the case of Glen Campbell there is … Continue reading

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Pope says in book he would resign if incapacitated

If being mentally capable was a requirement of the papacy we would have never had the first Pope! These men are at the very least half-senile when given the position; a position given to them by equally demented individuals! Just … Continue reading

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