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Joe Rogan | The Re-definition of Racism

The Left-Tards are really and truly screwing up our society with their mindless gibberish and political-correctness crap! TGO Video: YouTube

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Radio station cancels Richard Dawkins appearance over Islam tweets

The BIG no-no; criticizing Islam. What a bunch of hypocrites these liberals are! On second thought, maybe they’re just f*cking stupid! I mean after all, no other group of people have done as much harm throughout the world as Muslims, … Continue reading

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Naming of Muslim student to University of Calif. board stirs controversy

The last paragraph of this article illustrates the ignorant mindset of the majority of Americans in this country; defending Muslims ’til the very end… As if there wasn’t reason enough to be weary of these religious fanatics who terrorize the … Continue reading

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UC president responds to Jewish groups’ letter

Personally, I’m really sick and tired of Jews with their anti-Semitic BS. And what’s even more pathetic is how people in general coddle them. Here’s my message to all the Jews: You are not special, you are not the “chosen … Continue reading

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