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Keith Olbermann rants calls the American people scum, maggots, terrorist, antisemitic and worthless.

What a douche-bag! This guy has lost it, but after all, he’s a liberal – which explains his hateful rant. The fact that someone could get on national television and speak that way about the President of the United States … Continue reading

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New York Times writer’s anti-white tweets cause outrage

I must give credit where credit is due. Don Lemon, who I do not particularly care for, handled this segment in a fair manner. What is amusing, as well as also disgusting and hypocritical, is the commentary by the black … Continue reading

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A restaurant refused to serve Sarah Sanders and her family

The worst characteristic of liberals is their hypocrisy. They care so much for mankind, they’re so fair, so un-biased, with them it’s supposedly all about peace and love and getting along with their neighbor and all the rest of their … Continue reading

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She Banned Muslims Before Trump. Now She Wants to Be Governor

For my part, I don’t hate Muslims, because not every Muslim is a bad Muslim, but having said that, I don’t have this fascination with Muslims that everyone in the media and politics seems to have. After all, what is … Continue reading

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CNN’s Don Lemon Unloads On Trump Over Racist Insults In Epic New Takedown

Don Lemon is a frustrated gay man who’s claim to fame is playing the racist card. TGO Refer to story below. Source: HuffPost Ed Mazza,HuffPost CNN’s Don Lemon seems to have just about reached his limit when it comes to … Continue reading

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Don Lemon unloads after Trump speech: ‘Total eclipse of the facts’

Thank you Don Lemon, keep up the good work, and by that I mean using your platform to blast Donald Trump. The same goes for the rest of the clan (no pun intended) at CNN who have been blasting him … Continue reading

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New violence in Ferguson prompts question: How much progress has city made?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is simple; the city hasn’t progressed at all, because the people haven’t progressed. These people, and I refer to black thugs, have the same mentality and will continue … Continue reading

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How to insult a “progressive”

Pat Condell is so on-point… TGO Video: YouTube

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