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BEN SHAPIRO The Swamp Strikes Again!

Ben Shapiro is correct, the Left isn’t interested in solutions, they are only interested in pointing out the problems in our society, culture and history. This “movement” isn’t about doing anything to improve our country and way of life. On … Continue reading

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That Racist Serena Williams Cartoon Is So Very Australian

There is nothing racist about the cartoon!!! Serena Williams IS black, big (hulking) and had a tantrum (hissy-fit), so what’s the problem? Who was she supposed to be portrayed as, Shakira??? If Serena Williams was white, there would be no … Continue reading

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Debate over whether Trump is racist revived by comments

Everyone is a “racist” at some level. One does not need to be full of hate against a particular individual or group, such as Hitler, to be called a racist. However, just because one criticizes someone that doesn’t make them … Continue reading

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Report: Anti-Semitic incidents surge in 2012

As long as people continue to label themselves, particularly in terms of religion (which brings out the worst in the human race) there will be violence. Why can’t people just be happy with who they are as individuals and leave … Continue reading

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Southern Baptist Convention opens in Kentucky

This article deals with how the Southern Baptist membership has shrunk and continues to shrink. What do they expect? We’re in the 21st century, we live in a time of science, not superstition. Even in the rural south more people … Continue reading

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