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Papadopoulos on Mueller’s upcoming testimony shaking Capitol Hill

This will all be unraveled soon. Then we will know who the true collusionists were. TGO Video: YouTube  

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Pat Condell: Britain Is A Riot

As usual, Pat Condell doesn’t hold anything back. And as usual, he is always right on point. I would change one thing to the title of this video, and that is that not only is Britain a riot, so is … Continue reading

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French suspect held for planning attack with Belgian pair

French, Belgian, British and Swedish politicians, to name a few, must feel really “good” about opening up their borders and allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims immigrants into their countries. Give it another generation, about 25 years, and Europe will … Continue reading

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Europeans learn to live with _ and adapt to _ terror attacks

Muslims, what a piece of work these people are. There are approximately 1.6 billion of them throughout the planet. This is bad news for us, especially since they breed like rats because many of them have more than one wife, … Continue reading

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Post Manchester, There Needs to be Leadership For Britain

Telling it like it is… It’s truly refreshing to read a post such as that written below. The truth of the matter is, there isn’t a politician on this planet with the balls to say the truth about Islam. Religion … Continue reading

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British Intelligence Reportedly IDs James Foley’s Executioner

There is no amount of punishment for whoever the coward and murdering scum who executed James Foley is. To cut off the head of a living animal, such as even a parakeet, is revolting. But to do that to an … Continue reading

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Bomb attacks kill 43 people in Pakistan

More of the same from the barbaric Muslims. These people will find any reason to kill other (innocent) people, regardless of whether they’re westerners or their own kind… The bottom line is that once religious indoctrination takes effect, one is … Continue reading

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France Warns of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

Why this criminal, President Bashar Assad, has been allowed to remain in power by the “international community” is beyond me. Just the thought of using chemical and/or biological weapons on a helpless population is revolting, but nevertheless, even without the … Continue reading

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