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New FEC complaint filed against Ilhan Omar over alleged affair with consultant

It’s not very complicated folks. People vote for garbage, people get garbage, and garbage is what this woman is, on many levels. TGO Video: YouTube  

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Collins, Murkowski and Flake condemn Trump’s comments mocking Ford

I personally have no issue with the two women and their comments regarding Donald Trump, who mocked Christine Blasey Ford during a rally in Mississippi last night. The fact is that Trump is a loose canon, and it’s actually amazing … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh: Friends describes moment Christine Ford was ‘almost raped by federal judge’ in new statements

If BS could be measured in terms of volume, the amount of BS levelled against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on the part of liberals/democrats and all of their cronies could cover the entire land mass … Continue reading

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Obama’s Wine Gift Could Violate Rules

Really? Is this for real? Politicians across the nation, especially those at the highest levels of Washington, take in millions of dollars in “favors” each year. You mean to say that a $125.00 bottle of wine as a gift is … Continue reading

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Terror suspect arrested near Capitol in FBI sting

These indoctrinated Muslim freaks continue their efforts to destroy American lives and the American way of life. On the other hand, they “despise” the West so much that they’re all trying to get out of their backward, filthy, third world … Continue reading

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