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Bishop Barron on Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens

I stumbled upon this video regarding Christopher Hitchens, who is probably my favorite author. The speaker is obviously a religious man, something I am not. However in listening to him, I realize he is extremely intelligent and not your typical … Continue reading

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Queer Catholics Condemn Pope’s Claim That Being Gay Has Become ‘Fashionable’

It’s amusing to hear the Pope talk about homosexuality, it really is. I say this because if I had a dollar for every gay priest and lesbian nun in the Catholic Church I’d have upwards of $50,000, and that’s a … Continue reading

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Muslim Groups Call For UK To Stop Famous Evangelical Preacher’s Visit

You gotta love these freaking Muslims! Here’s a group of people who belong to the most violent, most destructive religion in the history of mankind, whose members (to this day) are killing thousands of people across the globe with suicide … Continue reading

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Under-attack Pope calls for ‘silence and prayer’

Pray, pray, pray… Just continue praying. This is the Pope’s and the Vatican’s answer for everything; prayer. A priest raped a child, pray. A bishop covered up for the priest, pray. An archbishop covered up for the bishop, pray. A … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Needs to Resign

I’ll say it yet again, the Catholic Church is the most corrupt organization on the planet. TGO Video: YouTube      

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‘It’s Really Quite Disgusting’: Shapiro Slams Attacks on Pence’s Christian Faith

I’m certainly not one to defend religion or religious people. My view on religion is that its time has passed.  Having said that, I don’t believe that the left dislikes Pence because he’s an ultra-religious individual, I believe they dislike … Continue reading

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Pope apologizes for ‘crimes’ against Irish women, babies

A great deal of praying. Hands clasped as a sign of peace, passiveness, reflection… Yet the Catholic Church is not about that. The ‘gay man’s club’ as I’ve often referred to it is one of if not the most corrupt … Continue reading

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Professor Cohen on Why Trump Was Attacked Over Russia

A different perspective on Trump’s visit to Russia. TGO Video: YouTube

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