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A frustrated father confronts Elizabeth Warren over her student loan plan

I’m so sick and tired of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the socialist/communist entourage who sniff their *sses as if these people were gods.  These crooked politicians have been sucking money from our capitalist system of government … Continue reading

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What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change

The liberal propaganda machine continues to push their “climate change” agenda. This is how they operate, just like the communists, who bombard the masses with their propaganda over, and over, and over, and over again… The Mueller report, the Russians, … Continue reading

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Does the Democratic Party have an identity crisis?

An interesting and civil discussion on politics. TGO Video: YouTube

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Cuba releases first Castro letter since July

It was only a matter of time before the communist scum running the island of Cuba posted false propaganda regarding Fidel Castro. There have been rumors for about a week now that Castro is dead, and so the Cuban government … Continue reading

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Cuba dissidents ask Church to stop harassment by state

Cuban dissidents could ask God himself to intervene and prevent the state from continuing to harass and otherwise intimidate them and the Cuban government would still ignore the warnings. Those communist bastards who have allied themselves with Fidel and Raul … Continue reading

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French lower house approves Muslim veil ban

Oh well, it looks as if the French are one step closer to having the veil ban approved, as now the bill which was passed today needs to go before the Senate later this year. My question is, what are … Continue reading

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