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‘The Five’ blasts Pelosi’s ‘divisive’ comments on GOP police reform bill

Nancy Pelosi, just like these liberal mayors who not only allow but encourage this violence and destruction of public and private property are scum, but then we already knew that and much, much more… TGO Video: YouTube

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Tucker: Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments

People, especially people on the Left, may feel that Tucker Carlson is exaggerating, he isn’t. Everything he is describing is not only obviously happening right in front of our eyes, more importantly it’s part of a bigger plan. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Bomb outside shopping center kills two, wounds 28 in Philippines

Members of the “religion of peace” are now (actually, have been for some time) targeting the Philippines. These mental midgets, blinded by their bogus faith, will continue killing innocent people for as long as they can. Obviously, third-world countries make … Continue reading

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Europe is Doomed. Don’t believe it? Look at Germany

Angela Merkel and many like her have turned the European continent into a sewer. This is what liberals in the United States, those who support people such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, can expect if people like them are … Continue reading

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