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Death toll nears 100 in Iraq as anti-government protest enter a fifth day

A short but to-the-point video about what is happening in Iraq. It really is a shame that the people suffer under these corrupt regimes. TGO Video: YouTube

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North Korea executes leader’s uncle as a traitor

There are some really f*cked up countries in this world; Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many other Muslim countries, most which are at the top of the list. But a discussion into the worst societies on earth cannot be had without throwing … Continue reading

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Pope: Dictatorships can only be destructive

For once I agree wholeheartedly with the Pope’s comments that empires, dictatorships and totalitarianism can only be destructive. My question then becomes: why is he the leader of the one organization in the entire planet which best fits this description? … Continue reading

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Chavez rallies armed youths to defend socialism

First of all, Venezuela’s militia would drop their firearms before dropping their rum, tequila and whiskey.  Secondly, Hugo Chavez is a dumb-ass, illiterate dirt-bag who’s as qualified to be president of a country as an orangutan is qualified to man … Continue reading

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Cuba wants churches’ help in stopping corruption

The level of hypocrisy reached by Cuba’s leaders is beyond anything imaginable. Anyone even remotely familiar with the plight of the Cuban people can attest to this. TGO Fidel and Raul Castro, along with the vermin that support their failed … Continue reading

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