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Don Jr. calls third Democratic debate a ‘socialism free-for-all’

Those of you who hate the father will hate the son as much if not more. But just listen to Donald Trump Jr. speak and compare him to any of the democratic presidential candidates. Right now, he could slaughter them … Continue reading

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Joe Scarborough Pens Op-Ed For 9/11: Trump Is Worse For U.S. Than ‘Foreign Adversary’

So, if I understand this douche-bag correctly, what he is basically saying is that Trump is worse for America than Islamic terrorists, who carried out the attack on 9/11! And HuffPost actually published this??? Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has reached … Continue reading

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Peter Fonda Apologizes for ‘Vulgar’ Barron Trump Tweet. ‘I Went Way Too Far’

The Hollywood crowd is so lame. Now it’s Peter Fonda, who became popular because of his daddy and hasn’t been heard of for years, comes out of woodwork to blast Trump and his family. Gee, what a surprise!  I wonder … Continue reading

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