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Will the Patriots cut ties with Antonio Brown after latest allegations? | High Noon

I’m a big fan of football and have been for many, many years, and this includes participating in multiple fantasy football leagues every year. Yet I never knew that Antonio Brown was such a dirt-bag! TGO Video: YouTube

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NFL: Raiders release Antonio Brown from the team

This guy is a world-class D*ck! He has a great deal of physical talent. Unfortunately, he is quite lacking between the ears. Let’s see who picks him up. My money would be on New England, Kansas City, San Francisco or … Continue reading

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NFL makes history with Male Cheerleaders at Superbowl LIII

As I’ve stated before on several occasions, this country is F*CKED UP! So now, the world will get to see a pair of fruitcakes prancing around on a football field, acting like the women who surround them (real cheerleaders). Because … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Reflects on Fallon Fox Controversy

I say, f*ck it. Being that we live in these crazy times, let’s let men and women compete against each other. In fact, forget about transgender people. Let’s have men (transgender or straight) compete against women in tennis, baseball, cycling, … Continue reading

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends, with plenty of food, fun and football! TGO 

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Are you ready for some football? TGO

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“What Sacrifice?” Tucker & Jason Whitlock React to Kaepernick’s New Nike Deal

A good, instructive video. I happen to believe that this move will help Nike in the long run, not hurt them. However, I for one, will never buy Nike sneakers. TGO Video: YouTube  

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Colin Kaepernick DESTROYS Nike

Colin Kaepernick is a barf, barf; which means a dog. He had a couple of good games with the San Francisco 49ers and nothing more. He is a cancer, which is the reason no team wants him.  Anyway, f*ck Colin … Continue reading

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