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Tucker clashes with GOP Senator over police reform in contentious interview

Many of these republican politicians are leaning Left. To support a group such as Black Lives Matter, people who couldn’t care less about black lives, is disgusting. BLM are all about anarchy. I don’t see them marching in the streets … Continue reading

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Business in CHOP to sue Seattle for abandoning the area

I love it!!! Jenny Durkan’s idiotic comments about a ‘Street Party’ and ‘Summer of Love’ are going to bite her in the *ss! This is what you get when you vote for these “progressive” imbeciles who have no common sense … Continue reading

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Super Bowl fans riot and smash shops during celebrations in Philadelphia

Hey, there’s a Super Bowl and the team that represents this city is in it; let’s “celebrate” by looting and destroying public and private property! It really doesn’t matter who wins or loses, because it’s not about the game. It’s … Continue reading

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