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The conversation around the Lewinsky affair has evolved – Bill Clinton has not

In my opinion the ‘me too movement’ is nothing but BS. It’s about women putting up with “sexual harassment” charges for months or years; allowing it to happen in the first place and further, allowing it to continue, only to … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Married Yet If Your Partner Does These 9 Things

There are easily several dozen other types of behavior patterns that could be considered warning signs against marrying someone. Some would say: don’t get married, period. As Henry L. Mencken stated, “Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to … Continue reading

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Seven Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

This post is for all of you paranoid women out there who are always trying to “catch” your boyfriends or husbands cheating on you. Although I must say, there is nothing described in this article that you aren’t already aware … Continue reading

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Father Is Teaching Son In The School Of Infidelity

Not to digress from the issue itself, which is the husband’s infidelity and the son’s approval of his father’s actions, but I have a question: Why is it that women, seemingly ALL women, go through mens’ cellphones, e-mails, wallets; you … Continue reading

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Is Monogamy Obsolete? New Books Challenge Our Ideas of Fidelity

Excellent article… TGO Refer to story below. Source: The Daily Beast by Jessica Bennett June 9, 2011 | Anthony Weiner may insist his marriage isn’t over, but we’ve seen this situation play out before. Wives leave husbands, the public condemns … Continue reading

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Lemuel K. Washburn: “Infidelity”

When the minister wants to frighten his congregation he draws a picture of Infidelity. The Infidel has been used for years to scare weak-minded persons into accepting Christianity. Outwardly the Infidel is painted like a man, but the world is … Continue reading

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