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The Evil Rich?

Socialists like Bernie Sanders and the rest of the liberal mob who are so anti-capitalism are ALL hypocrites. They condemn capitalism for the rest of us, meanwhile, they’re doing just fine with their high six-figure salaries, nice homes and condos, … Continue reading

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This Will Leave You Speechless! – One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

Something to think about… TGO Video: YouTube

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Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse

Wow, all of this information regarding the cleanliness of electronic devices… It doesn’t seem that complicated to me. TGO Refer to story below. Source: New York Times By KATE MURPHY Published: January 1, 2014 TAKE a look at your mobile … Continue reading

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Mother’s Inspiring Video About Blind Baby Son

Lacey Buchanan looks like a very sweet woman, and it is clear that she adores her baby. However, had I been the father I would have asked her to have an abortion. I would never want to put my son … Continue reading

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New App Brings Alien Planets Down to Earth

For all you techies out there… TGO Refer to story below. Source: Space.com By SPACE.com Staff, Space.com | SPACE.com A new app brings thousands of alien worlds to the fingertips of iPhone and iPad users. The app, called Kepler Explorer, … Continue reading

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Westboro Church Uses iPhone to Announce Steve Jobs Funeral Protest

When I read articles such as this one, which demonstrates the complete and absolute imbecility of religious people, I often hope to meet some of these morons face-to-face. I’d actually like to engage in a conversation with them to try … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Dies: Apple Chief Created Personal Computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone

This man was brilliant.  Sad but true; there are great numbers of people in this world undeserving of even one more breath, and yet so many that have enriched our lives and perished way too early. TGO Refer to story … Continue reading

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Apple has more cash than the federal government

That the United States got to this point is disgraceful! And what’s worse is that the stinking bureaucrats in Washington are still playing politics and can’t come up with a plan to get things going in the right direction. People … Continue reading

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