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Dear John

Some of the immoral left-tards in cartoon form. As for John Roberts, he’s as big a pile of horse manure as the rest of the democrat clan. TGO Video: YouTube

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John Roberts?

For what it’s worth coming from me (which isn’t much) John Roberts, chief White House correspondent for Fox News, is a world-class scum-bag!!! For those of you who care to know why I write this, check into it. He’s just … Continue reading

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Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

Great news!  By the way, Sonia Sotomayor and her cohorts are morons. These liberals seem not to have the slightest concern for the safety of American citizens! Their main concern is their politically-correct agenda and public perception.  I really don’t understand … Continue reading

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Public prayer: why devil worshipers came up in Supreme Court arguments

The truth of the matter is that prayers of any kind have no place in government; period. However, since this country is going backwards instead of forwards, because everyone is afraid to speak out against religious groups, my guess is … Continue reading

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