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Entertainer Bette Midler slammed for tweets about Melania Trump and her speech

I wonder why Bette Midler doesn’t criticize that communist insect, Ilhan Omar, for her accent and tell her to go back where she came from? Oh, I know, because Bette Midler is also a communist! Bette Midler looks like a … Continue reading

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“Sweden’s a Disaster” Tucker & Nigel Farage on Sweden’s Immigration Crisis

Just like the brain-dead liberal crowd is crying out, let’s open our borders baby! In the case of Sweden, their immigration has been primarily Muslims who are fleeing Islamic countries only to turn the nation they are migrating to (in … Continue reading

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‘Abolish ICE’ Doesn’t Mean What Conservatives Say It Does

Now the liberals are changing the meaning of words to suit their twisted agenda in a feeble effort to do some damage control. Here is the meaning of the word ‘abolish’, as stated in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: abolish Definition of abolish: … Continue reading

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How to Use “Gender-Neutral” Pronouns Correctly: Crazy Cathy Teaches Tucker

As stated earlier in a different post, the United States is f*cked! The terms ridiculous and absurd do not begin to tell the stories. TGO Video: YouTube

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George Carlin – Everyday expressions (that don’t make sense)

George Carlin was awesome. Here’s a short stand-up routine to add some levity to the day. TGO Video: YouTube  

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Ancient Humans Were Mostly Right-Handed, Too

As always, science continues to unravel facts about our origins… TGO Refer to story below. Source: LiveScience LiveScience.com Sat Apr 30, 10:55 am ET Humanity’s right-hand dominance might be more than 500,000 years old, new research indicates. The trait of right-handedness is commonly believed … Continue reading

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Rain soaks pilgrims on Muslim hajj in Saudi Arabia

These Muslims could have just as well stayed home and picked their noses, the result of which would have been just the same as traveling to Mecca for their silly ritual and prayer; being that there is no God listening. … Continue reading

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