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Thomas Jefferson and Equality: Making America

I understand that liberals and progressives, especially blacks (for obvious reasons) and our youth (because they’ve been indoctrinated by liberal professors) will never agree with what is explained in this short clip. Hopefully someday they will. Video: YouTube

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Who’s REALLY Dividing Us?

The guy in the video is using way too much logic for the Left-Tards to process. They may actually suffer a brain tumor from thinking too deeply about any one concept. TGO Video: YouTube

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NFL takes a knee for what exactly? Kaepernick and Rosa Parks?

With the upcoming 2018 NFL season in the horizon, I thought this video was appropriate. Being that the comments are coming from a black man (an intelligent black man) may make a difference to some of you. TGO Video: YouTube

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Gingrich faces tough questions at black church

Newt Gingrich is far and away the most experienced and best qualified of all Republican presidential hopefuls. However, because of the brain-dead religious nut-jobs who dominate the landscape in this country he doesn’t have a shot at the presidency, as … Continue reading

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Judge: Black church rightful owner of KKK store

There’s a group whose members are missing a few chromosomes from their DNA; the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Yeap, these yahoos are about as bright as a broken bulb and as open-minded as a tapeworm; and just as pleasant. My … Continue reading

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Jews, Muslims plan interfaith events in New Orleans to celebrate MLK weekend

Why don’t the Jews and Muslims promote interfaith understanding where it really counts; in the Middle East? TGO Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) — It’s being billed as an effort to promote interfaith understanding … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck calls for thousands at DC rally

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt by Glenn Beck, but the die-hard, conservative, ignorant masses eat it all up and attend the rally like a flock of sheep following their shepherd. According to the article, the number 1 … Continue reading

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