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NFL: Raiders release Antonio Brown from the team

This guy is a world-class D*ck! He has a great deal of physical talent. Unfortunately, he is quite lacking between the ears. Let’s see who picks him up. My money would be on New England, Kansas City, San Francisco or … Continue reading

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Chiefs player Husain Abdullah gets penalized after kneeling in Muslim prayer

Here we go… Now all the Muslim kiss-asses (of which there are many in this country) – beginning with the author of this article, will take sides (as they already have) with the player and against the referee. Next thing … Continue reading

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Chip Kelly makes fast impression in Eagles debut

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia offense looked awesome. The question is, are they going to be consistent over an entire 16-game season and into the playoffs; should they make it that far? The jury is still out, but after one … Continue reading

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‘Horses and bayonets’ becomes an online hit as Obama, Romney spar

This time around, there is no question that it was Barack Obama who won the debate. TGO Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press By Oskar Garcia, The Associated Press | Associated Press President Barack Obama countered Mitt Romney with … Continue reading

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‘Monday Night Football’ intro pulled after Hank Williams Jr. comments

Haven’t we gone a bit too far in the political correctness arena in this country? My goodness, a public figure can’t even open his mouth anymore without fear of offending some hyper-sensitive minority group; blacks, Jews, Christians, Muslims, gays, lesbians, … Continue reading

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Cops: Grandma threw child to her death at Va. mall

They should fry her ass; the SCUM-BAG BITCH! Now she’s going to get a year-long trial, her attorney will plead insanity, and she’ll get protection from the government; meanwhile, the little girl is still dead. TGO Refer to story below. … Continue reading

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