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Prophet’s cloak attracts Ramadan faithful in Istanbul

The “prophet’s cloak”? Really? Have these people not heard of the Shroud of Turin? At what point do grown men realize they’re acting like idiotic children? Don’t they see the similarities in their copy-cat faiths? My goodness!!! People across the globe need … Continue reading

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Bill Maher – New Rules (Noah’s Ark, God and Religion)

Bill Maher makes a mockery out of the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible, as everyone who isn’t mentally retarded should. Yet fundamentalist Christians, many of whom claim not to be mentally retarded, really believe this idiotic fairy tale. Sit … Continue reading

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Noah’s Ark-God, Giraffes & Genocide

Yes, folks, the story of Noah’s Ark is still believed by millions of fundamentalist Christians right here in the good ‘ol USA. Amazing isn’t it? The fact that grown men and women believe this silly fairy tale says something about … Continue reading

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Extra funds help float Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky

Reading this article just about made me gag! To think of all the people in this country who are homeless; hungry; ill; without the means to take care of their families; you name it, and these mental cripples, these morons … Continue reading

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British Museum: Prototype for Noah’s Ark was round

A twist to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark; one of the biggest tales in the Bible, if not the biggest. I would say that the talking snake in the “Garden of Eden” and the “Resurrection of Jesus” are still … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: The embodiment of ignorance…

Don’t you just love it? A couple of rednecks are “proving” to the rest of us, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is a God; that evolution is bogus; that intelligent design is factual; that the universe is … Continue reading

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New Noah’s Ark in Ky. aims to prove truth of Bible

Question: Is it possible that there are jerk-offs in this world that, in the year 2011, who still believe in the biblical fairy tale of the Flood and Noah’s Ark? Answer: Yes, such a moron is pictured below! Isn’t it … Continue reading

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Two by two: A real-life Noah’s Ark

Some people have an awful lot of time on their hands, not to mention money to spare. Yet I must admit, the “ship” looks cool. Now all we need to do is sit back and watch as this man will … Continue reading

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