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Will the Patriots cut ties with Antonio Brown after latest allegations? | High Noon

I’m a big fan of football and have been for many, many years, and this includes participating in multiple fantasy football leagues every year. Yet I never knew that Antonio Brown was such a dirt-bag! TGO Video: YouTube

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NFL: Raiders release Antonio Brown from the team

This guy is a world-class D*ck! He has a great deal of physical talent. Unfortunately, he is quite lacking between the ears. Let’s see who picks him up. My money would be on New England, Kansas City, San Francisco or … Continue reading

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Marshawn Lynch wears ‘Everybody vs. Trump’ shirt to stadium

This just in, Marshawn Lynch is a douche-bag. Oh wait, sorry, everyone already knew that; no news there.  Acting like the clown that he is in recent weeks, jumping around as if doing some sort of tribal dance, Mr. Lynch … Continue reading

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Colin Kaepernick is making his choice: Activism over the NFL

No one ever accused Colin Kaepernick of being smart, now he proves everyone right. What a dunce! What NFL team would want this nut-job on their roster? Hopefully none, but without question if in fact he is given a job … Continue reading

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Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis dead at 82

Al Davis was a true visionary, and as many visionaries are, he was also a rebel. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and wanted things done his way; period. The downside to people like this is that the very … Continue reading

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List of first round draft picks

Well, here is the list of the first round draft picks and the teams that took them. It’s time to start talking football again; if only for a little while. I can’t wait for the start of the season; and … Continue reading

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