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Gutfeld on the articles of impeachment

As one can see, the conservative media isn’t taking this “impeachment thing” too seriously, and that’s because it isn’t serious. It’s a farce; too ridiculous to be taken seriously, except by CNN and MSNBC of course. The so-called “journalists” on … Continue reading

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US scientist claims to have found elusive G-spot

Any ladies out there who may stumble upon this article and wish to comment on the G-spot, please feel free to do so. I’m actually curious as to whether in fact such a thing exists or whether it is simply … Continue reading

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Distracting Thoughts Block Women from Orgasm

Are distracting thoughts the main thing blocking women from orgasms? Probably. Women are a complicated bunch, and what’s between their ears affects them a great deal more than even they would probably admit to; including climaxing during sex. TGO Refer … Continue reading

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