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Urinal Lotta Trouble! … Portland Strikes Again

Unbelievable! These feminist fags masquerading as men in cities such as Portland make me want to puke! Just imagine the stupidity behind this particular decision in building design – eliminating urinals to remove an “unfair advantage” on the part of … Continue reading

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John Stossel – Recycling Stupidity

Gee, just think, where would we be without people such as the young woman in the video and liberals such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are pushing the “green movement”? Why they’re “saving the planet”. Idiots! TGO Video: … Continue reading

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Gutfeld on the plastic straw ban in California

This is what liberals in California are concerned about, while their cities waste away with homeless people, illegal immigration, soaring taxes, etc. – STRAWS!!! Just when I thought the left couldn’t get any more stupid, they once again prove me … Continue reading

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