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Harassing The Police

This is all so true, and it has NOTHING to do with racism, nothing at all!!! TGO Video: YouTube

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You’re Uncomfortable? So What?

Unbelievable! Feeling threatened by police? Really? What were the police going to do, open fire on everyone in the coffee shop?  The epitome of stupidity! TGO Video: YouTube

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London police call urgent meeting after six more stabbings

Continue allowing Muslims into your country you dumb politicians (maggots). Continue covering up for your liberal policies. Continue covering up for Islam. Continue doing all of these things and the violent crimes will continue. TGO Refer to story below. Source: … Continue reading

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Teenagers Raped Girl and Streamed Attack on Facebook Live, Say Police

No doubt these three losers will end up as life-long criminals. As for the girl, she’ll probably have 5 or 6 kids by the time she’s 25. TGO Refer to story below. Source: Newsweek Tom Porter,Newsweek Sat, Mar 24 Three … Continue reading

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Show more Politicians & Police Will Protect Us! (Sheriff Israel Step Down!)

So, so true. See video below. TGO Source: YouTube

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Super Bowl fans riot and smash shops during celebrations in Philadelphia

Hey, there’s a Super Bowl and the team that represents this city is in it; let’s “celebrate” by looting and destroying public and private property! It really doesn’t matter who wins or loses, because it’s not about the game. It’s … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: Britain Is A Riot

As usual, Pat Condell doesn’t hold anything back. And as usual, he is always right on point. I would change one thing to the title of this video, and that is that not only is Britain a riot, so is … Continue reading

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One killed, two injured in London Underground stabbing

Funny, the author of the article says that authorities stated that the attack did not appear to be terrorist related. A knife attack in London, at the same location where Muslim terrorists (is there any other kind) exploded a bomb … Continue reading

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