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Don Jr. Reveals What Happened Behind The Scenes During ‘The View’ Interview

The View and its cast of hypocrites: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sonny Hostin. Three bimbos hell-bent on destroying Donald Trump pounce on Donald Trump Jr. They picked the wrong guy. Like his father, he knows how to fight back… … Continue reading

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New Polish film tackles homosexuality in Catholic Church

Why would anyone depict priests as homosexuals? Well, maybe because a very large percentage of them are… There is also no doubt that quite a large number of Catholic priests are both homosexuals and pedophiles. The truth of the matter is that the … Continue reading

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Mass murderer Manson denied parole again in California

As mentally deranged as Charles Manson was/is, those who followed him, the ones who actually committed the murders, were even more screwed up. To stab a pregnant woman to death with a butcher knife requires an unimaginable lack of conscious … Continue reading

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Polanski free after Swiss reject extradition

I never followed this case but nevertheless after reading about it when the initial arrest was made felt that he would be released. It seems these “Hollywood types” can get away with just about everything. TGO Refer to story below. … Continue reading

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