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Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

The truth about Islam, as told by a Muslim. TGO Video: YouTube

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Assyrian Woman Urges Ilhan Omar’s Supporters to Visit Her Minnesota District

Hopefully all Left-Tards are listening to this woman, who knows from first-hand experience where we’re headed as a country by electing people such as this supporter of Islamic radicalism, Ilan Omar. TGO Video: YouTube

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Indonesia Suffers Its Worst Terrorist Attack in a Decade. Here’s What to Know About the Latest Wave of Violence

What, these people don’t believe in the same fairytales that we do? Let’s bomb them! This is the mentality of members of the religion of “peace”. I know, I know, you Muslim apologists out there, I know your defense: “not … Continue reading

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Suicide bomber dressed as journalist kills 25 in Afghan capital Kabul

Among things that remain constant in this world is that brain-dead Muslims, obsessed with Allah, the Koran and all the rest of the crap associated with Islam, will continue to kill themselves along with innocent men, women and children. Religions, … Continue reading

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Doubts over Saudi order that ‘eases’ control over women

Islam is a thing of beauty isn’t it? So is Saudi Arabia, where men are douche-bags and women are slaves. I wonder where all of the American feminists are, those who defend Islam. Maybe they should move to Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Jewish extremism crackdown draws in a familiar family

This time it’s the Jews… But what’s consistent in all of these stories of wreckless acts is religion. Yes, religion, that ugly word which is responsible for, among other things: superstition, fanaticism, ignorance, suicide bombings, beheadings, stonings, oppression of women, … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia beheads 100th person this year

Being third in capital punishment last year isn’t good enough for this country, they want to approach if not exceed 200 beheadings a year, as they did in 1995. One wonders how many other people are beheaded and not reported … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: Nothing to do with Islam

To think that well over 1 billion people in the world today belong to this violent, barbaric faith… It’s a good thing we’re an intelligent species, just think how bad things would be if we weren’t. TGO Video: YouTube   … Continue reading

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