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O’Reilly: “Why I’m Casting My Vote Against Biden-Harris”

This is eye-opening for you liberals out there. TGO Video: YouTube

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The Nine Lies of Obamacare

Jim Jordan is awesome! Compare him with ANY of the Left-Tards, especially, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. Oh wait, there IS no comparison. One person is intelligent, knowledgeable AND honest. The other three are the antonyms of these … Continue reading

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Sen. Bernie Sanders says Trump is on “wrong side of history” for immigration

“Women and children seen choking from the tear gas.” This was the lead-up comment from the douche-bag host of the segment with Bernie Sanders on CBS. How disgusting! What we learned is that Bernie is going to resolve the immigration … Continue reading

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Rep. Marshall explains why GOP should welcome Ocasio-Cortez

Again, socialism doesn’t work, never has, never will; period! TGO Video: YouTube  

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