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Truth is Compassion. Can a Man Identify as a Little Girl?

Liberals, the same liberals who criticize many republicans (conservatives) who don’t believe in global warming (who believe that climate change is cyclical) accuse them of being ignorant and anti-science. Yet, these same liberals actually believe that a person is what … Continue reading

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Truth isn’t Truth and Giuliani is 100% Correct

Right on point yet again; keep telling it like it is! TGO Video: YouTube Right  

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Sam Harris GOES AFTER Jordan Peterson Watch Peterson’s Original Rebuttals

Interesting discussion… Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris are two of the very few beacons of light in an otherwise shallow media environment. The host is very good as well.  In terms of this particular conversation, I’m with Sam Harris. TGO … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: The truth is incorrect

More truths from Pat Condell. TGO Video: YouTube

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Lemuel K. Washburn: “Where is Truth”?

Men have enthroned truth in some far-off kingdom, away from the world, as though it were too pure to live on earth. It has been made supernatural, and only to be known by being revealed. But truth is everywhere; its … Continue reading

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