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‘The Five’ slams media suggesting Biden start a ‘shadow government’

Joe Biden cannot even get out a coherent sentence, much less run a government. This must be a malaise on the part of democrats, because bumbling Nancy Pelosi can’t speak coherently either. TGO Video: YouTube    

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Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

The idle threats of these Left-Tards to leave the country is made by idle minds. No one takes them seriously, although for once, I wish they would put their money where their mouths are as they say. If they don’t … Continue reading

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Johnny Depp apologizes for ‘bad joke’ about Trump: ‘I intended no malice’

Johnny Depp already did his “job”. He made an outlandish statement and got all the publicity he wanted. TGO Refer to story below. Source: Good Morning America KATHERINE FAULDERS and MICHAEL ROTHMAN Good Morning America June 23, 2017 Johnny Depp … Continue reading

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Religious/Political Poll: Would you vote for a Presidential candidate who admitted to being an Atheist?

Ready for another poll? I thought that this would be an interesting one as in my opinion there are fairly large numbers of individuals in the United States who are not really religious as such and probably do not believe … Continue reading

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Polls Indicate Sarah Palin Should Just Forget About 2012 Presidential Run

My only regret in not having Sarah Palin as President, or even as a potential presidential candidate, is that she won’t hardly be seen on television, as she is definitely the “hottest-looking” politician out there; maybe of all-time. Having said … Continue reading

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