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Bedford slams AOC for ‘insidious’ comments about ‘The Daily Caller’

AOC is really a stain, and I mean a trouser stain, on America. She, along with the other three bimbos referred to as the Squad, really and truly are idiots. But beyond the stupidity they are also immoral. Hopefully those … Continue reading

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Candace Owens EXPLODES on White Liberal Professor

Liberal woman is stating that white supremacy is one of the main culprits for the harming of blacks in America. Really? What a joke these Left-Tards are! No worries, Candace Owens puts these Leftists in their place. TGO Video: YouTube … Continue reading

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Reformed skinhead endures agony to remove tattoos

What kind of brain capacity, or lack thereof, must an individual possess to tattoo his face in this manner? The level of stupidity and receptiveness to indoctrination required to do this may be just barely less than that of suicide … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann’s Unrivaled Extremism

A great deal can change during the next year or so when the 2012 Republican presidential nominations take place. But as it stands right now, we may have three very different yet similar GOP candidates: Sarah Palin, the very inexperienced … Continue reading

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