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AOC tells rally-goers that America is evolving into a ‘fascist society’

What this demonstrates to me is not just simply how ignorant this bimbo (AOC) is, but how stupid people are, especially young people, who don’t seem to think for themselves and recognize BS when they see it. TGO Video: YouTube

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Jordan Peterson – Wasting Time and Opportunities

This has been my life in a nutshell; wasting time and opportunities. TGO Video: YouTube

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Teenagers Raped Girl and Streamed Attack on Facebook Live, Say Police

No doubt these three losers will end up as life-long criminals. As for the girl, she’ll probably have 5 or 6 kids by the time she’s 25. TGO Refer to story below. Source: Newsweek Tom Porter,Newsweek Sat, Mar 24 Three … Continue reading

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Why young Christians aren’t waiting anymore

The reality of the world we live in these days is that young kids are going to have sex; more than likely before the end of their teenage years. And by the way, I’m not so certain that it hasn’t … Continue reading

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